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Refund & Cancellation Policy

 Please note: 50% refund for notified late cancellation (within 24 hours before appointment) OR you can reschedule your appointmentNo refund is processed if you do not show up to your appointment without a reason or contact beforehand. 


Heart Mind Wisdom reserves the right to not refund full deposit if the client is a no-show to an appointment without any reason provided. 

Privacy Policy

  • All client personal information is protected. This means that any information about the client cannot be revealed to a third party without consent, unless it falls within legal requirements

  • Once the client shares any personal information, the content will stay private and safe from anyone besides the client - whether that be verbally or written (eg. record keeping) 

  • Confidentiality extends to client records which will be kept securely, maintained as hard copy, or by digital processes.

  • Heart Mind Wisdom will provide a Counselling Contract that will include any agreement about the level and limits of the confidentiality, privacy and disclosure offered. This agreement can be reviewed and changed by negotiation between the practitioner and the client. Agreements about confidentiality continue after the client’s death unless there are overriding legal or ethical considerations. 

  • In cases where the client’s safety is in jeopardy any confidentiality, agreements that may interfere with this safety are to be considered void. This could include the following circumstances;


  1. The practitioner has good grounds for believing that serious harm may occur to the client or to other people

  2. It is required by the court of law


  • If the exceptional circumstances arise in which the practitioner is ethically required to break confidentiality, it will be discussed with the client before going forward. It will only be made after consultation with the counselling supervisor or if he/she is not available, an experienced counsellor.

Code of Conduct


  • Heart Mind Wisdom works with the client in ways that affirm both the humanity and the uniqueness of the individual. Under no circumstances will the practitioner discriminate against people on the basis of gender, disability, age, ethnicity, marital status, sexual preference, political affiliations or religious beliefs.


Duty of Care

  •  Heart Mind Wisdom works within the realm of duty of care by providing a safe environment for clients throughout the therapy session:

  •  The practitioner will anticipate risks for clients and take care to prevent them from coming to harm. Any signs of the crisis must be addressed and harm to themselves, others or property must always be reported to the authorities.

  • The practitioner will not exploit their clients financially, sexually, emotionally, or in any other way

  • The practitioner must report any harm to a child or the elderly to the relevant authorities.

  • The practitioner will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the client does not suffer physical, emotional or psychological harm during counselling sessions

Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities for practitioners:


  • The client will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of cultural background or other personal beliefs

  • The client will receive a competent and professional service

  • The client will be involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the treatment (including clarification of your treatment goals and the number of session required);

  • The client will be given clear explanations of the treatment and\or tests being recommended, (including any risks and alternative options);

  • The client will receive a clear explanation of all costs involved

  • The client has then right to make a complaint about the type of service you are receiving, either to the service or to an external complaints body


Rights and responsibilities of clients:


  •  The client is also responsible to ensure that they are respectful and do not cause any harm (mental, emotional or physical abuse) to any practitioners and staff in the practice 

  •  The client is also accountable in keeping to the terms of the counselling contract (eg. cancellation & refund policy)

  • The practitioner or clinic manager has the right to refuse service to a client that is not in a fit state (eg. under the influence of mind altering substances such as alcohol or other drugs)

Work, health and safety


Heart Mind Wisdom endeavours to always ensure that the well being of the client and practitioner are safe from any harm from unhygienic environments, violence, neglect, or discrimination. The policy is emanated from the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 which sets out the key principles, duties and rights related to occupational health and safety. This includes:

  • Monitor conditions at the workplace under designated management and control.

  • Ensure that the conduct of the organisation does not endanger other people (including clients, the public and employees).

  • An appropriate protocol for any hazard incidents that occur or any potential hazards that may be risky in causing harm

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